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01 . Promotional Ad of BLiNX Lanka

Promotional Flyer

“Promote Your Business, Boost Sales, Increase Income”

Elevate your ideas with BLiNX Lanka’s exceptional creativity! We don’t just make digital solutions;
we bring your imagination to life, turning dreams into reality.

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+94 77 721 6773

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Digital Invitation

“Unlock Unforgettable moments with eCard! “

eCard transforms ordinary Gatherings into extraordinary Experiences.

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+94 77 721 6773

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03 . POS Flyer Ad – BLiNX Lanka

Billing System – POS

“Blinx POS is Beyond The Average POS.”

BLiNX POS focuses on helping you run your business smarter through informed decision-making and cutting-edge state-of-the-art technology infrastructure. Get Business Done in A Blink.

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+94 77 721 6773

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